Selling Module

Quote can be generated for the opportunity as well as the customer.

A Sales Order is a confirmation of an order from your customer.

It is usually a binding Contract with your Customer. Once your customer confirms the Quotation you can convert your Quotation into a Sales Order.

A Blanket Order is an order from a customer to supply materials for specific items over a period of time at pre-negotiated rates.

From a blanket order, sales orders can be generated as per the delivery schedule provided by the customer. Blanket orders help customers avoid storing materials in huge quantities while allowing them to take advantage of fixed rates by committing volumes within a specific time period.

A Material Request is a simple document identifying a requirement of a set of Items (products or services) for a particular reason.

Margins can be added on Quotation Item and Sales Order Item by pricing rules or Apply margin direct on Item 

Orders for drop shipping can be placed directly from supplier to customer.

System can calculate the sales team commissions for one or more than one sales persons at a single order.

System can calculate the sales partners commissions

An Item can have multiple prices based on customer, currency, region, shipping cost, etc, which can be stored as different rate plans.

Discounts can be applied on multiple ways like discounts on pricelists, net total or grand total.

You can define different shipping rules or a fixed shipping amount for the same item across different territories.

Multiple products can be combined and sold as bundles.

All kind of taxes can be defined and calculated automatically by the system.

System can be configured to get approvals for the prices beyond a threshold.

Advanced customizable reports.

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