Smart control of the salaries by multiple salary components, multiple salary structures.


Auto generations of salary slips and auto-email feature can be opted to send salary slips to employees.


Overtimes calculations, Employee bonuses, Incentives and deductions.


Quick and easy payroll with just few clicks.

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    Salary Structure Assignment

    System allows to assign a particular Salary Structure to the employee. Multiple Salary Structure can be assigned for the same Employee for different periods

    Salary Structures

    Multiple salary structures can be configured in terms of the breakup of the different components constituting the compensation.

    Bulk Payroll Entry

    In the system, Payroll Entry enables bulk processing of payroll for employees. In other words, processing salary slips of all employees in one go.

    Salary Slip

    System generates salary slips containing the detailed description of the employee’s salary components and amounts.

    Retention Bonus

    System allows to configure Retention Bonus for an Employee for a particular period.

    Employee Incentives

    System allows to create Employee Incentives as and when required for a particular payroll entry.

    Payroll Setup

    Salary is a fixed amount of money or compensation paid to an employee by an employer in return for the work performed. Payroll containing the administration of financial records of employees’ salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions can be configured in the system.

    Salary Components

    Salary paid to the employees comprises of several different components, such as basic salary, allowances, arrears, etc. and can be configured and calculated by the system.

    Additional Salaries

    System offers a feature called Additional Salary to add or deduct ad hoc salary for a particular Employee while processing the Payroll. i.e. Performance Bonus, Deputation Allowance, Arrears, Incentives, or other adjustments.


    All of the reports listed below are included in the Accounting module. Besides that, reports can be customized in order to meet the requirements.


    Salary Slips Report


    Salary Register


    Bank Remittance Report


    Salary Payments via WPS Report


    Additional Salary Report


    Employee Incentive Report


    Retention Bonus Report


    Salary Components Report


    Salary Structure Report


    Payroll Period Report


    Salary Payments Based On Payment Mode Report