Optimize salary control with customizable components and structures.


Streamline salary slips creation with automated generation.


Ensure precision in overtime, bonus, incentive, and deduction calculations.


Simplify payroll with a user-friendly interface.

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Salary Structure Assignment

The Salary Structure Assignment feature enables organizations to assign specific salary structures to employees for different periods. Payroll ERP system offers the flexibility to customize compensation for employees, allowing for the assignment of multiple salary structures based on changing roles or circumstances.

Salary Structures

Organizations can create and configure multiple salary structures with this feature. These structures define compensation components and their breakdown. This customization ensures that employee compensation aligns with the organization's policies and can be adapted to various roles and responsibilities.

Bulk Payroll Entry

The Efficient Bulk Payroll ERP Entry simplifies the process of processing payroll for all employees at once. It streamlines salary slip generation for the entire workforce, reducing administrative workload and ensuring that payroll is handled efficiently.

Salary Slip

The Payroll Management System UAE generates detailed salary slips for employees, outlining individual compensation components and amounts. These salary slips provide employees with a comprehensive breakdown of their earnings, helping them understand their total compensation and deductions.

Retention Bonus

The Retention Bonus feature allows organizations to configure retention bonuses for employees during specific periods. This incentivizes employee retention with tailored bonus structures, motivating employees to stay with the company.

Employee Incentives

Organizations can create Employee Incentives as needed for each payroll entry. Payroll software dubai feature enables the reward of exceptional performance with customized incentives, fostering a culture of recognition and motivation among employees.

Payroll Setup

Payroll Software in Dubai Setup involves the management of employees' financial records, including salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions. It also allows for the configuration and streamlining of payroll administration within the system, ensuring accurate and efficient payroll processing.

Salary Components

Organizations can define various salary components, such as basic salary, allowances, arrears, and more. This feature enables precise calculation and configuration of salary components, ensuring that employee compensation accurately reflects their entitlements and roles.

Additional Salaries

The Additional Salary Management feature is used to add or deduct ad hoc payments for employees during payroll processing. Organizations can include adjustments like performance bonuses, deputation allowances, arrears, incentives, and more. This flexibility ensures that employee compensation is accurate and flexible, accounting for various financial adjustments and incentives.


Explore our comprehensive range of reports available within the Payroll ERP next Module. These reports offer valuable insights into your financial data and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.


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