Employee Lifecycle Management System With Digital Files In The System.


Management Of The Employees By Their Designations, Departments, Groups And Grades.


Complete cycle for employee on-boarding Including Job Postings, Interviews, Shortlisting, Job Offers Etc.


Holidays, Employees Leave Management, Loans, Employee Self-Service Portals, And Attendance Management.


Expense Claims And Petty Cash Management. Fleet Management For Vehicles And Drivers With Vehicle Logs And Expense.

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Employee Separation

Employee Separation is designed to manage the departure of an employee from an organization, whether through resignation or termination. ERP HR module streamlines the offboarding process, ensuring that necessary tasks and documentation are handled systematically.

Employee Transfer

Employee Transfer facilitates the smooth movement of employees to different companies or departments within the organization. HR Software Dubai ensures that employee transitions are efficient and well-documented.

Employee Skill Map

The Employee Skill Map is a valuable record for tracking an employee's skill sets and training history. It aids in identifying strengths and areas for improvement, allowing for targeted skill development and resource allocation.

Training Programs

Training Programs are created to develop the skills of employees or other individuals in specific areas. They define the objectives and curriculum for skill enhancement, contributing to workforce development and performance improvement.

Training Events

Training Events are designed for scheduling seminars, workshops, conferences, and other educational activities under a Training Program. HR ERP software ensures that training sessions are well-organized and that participants have clear schedules.

Employee Promotion

Managing employee promotions is a critical aspect of talent development. The system efficiently handles the processes and activities associated with promoting employees, ensuring that these transitions are seamless and aligned with organizational goals.

Employee Referrals

Employee Referrals involve a process where existing employees recommend suitable candidates for vacant positions. It leverages the knowledge and network of current employees to source potential talent for the organization.

Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding streamlines the hiring process by facilitating the creation of tasks for each new employee. This feature ensures that new hires have a structured introduction to the organization and their roles.

Training Results

Employee-wise training results are stored after the completion of training events. These records provide a comprehensive overview of employee development and ERP HR can be used for performance assessment and future training planning.


Digital files containing complete biodata for each employee are maintained within the system. This HR module in ERP serves information as a comprehensive record of employee details, simplifying human resource management and communication.

Employment Types

Employees are categorized based on employment types, each with specific wage and leave entitlements. This categorization ensures that employee benefits are appropriately allocated, contributing to fair and consistent employment practices.


The system supports the definition of multiple job designations. Each designation is configured within the system, allowing organizations to specify roles and responsibilities accurately.

Leave Encashment

Leave Encashment allows employees to request compensation in exchange for leaves that they haven't availed. This feature streamlines the process of requesting and approving leave encashment, ensuring that employees are fairly compensated for their unused leave days.


Branches feature enables the creation and management of records for different branches of the organization. Each branch's details are stored within the system, simplifying multi-location management and ensuring that each branch's specific needs are met.

Employee Attendance Tool

The Employee Attendance Tool simplifies the process of marking attendance for multiple employees on a particular date. HR Software Dubai is a powerful tool for attendance management, ensuring accurate records and simplifying routine attendance tracking.

Attendance Request

Employees can submit attendance requests for days when their attendance wasn't marked. This feature allows employees to rectify attendance discrepancies and ensures that attendance records are accurate and up-to-date.

Auto Attendance

Auto Attendance is a feature that automatically marks attendance for employees assigned to a shift based on records in the Employee check-in document. ERPNext HR streamlines attendance tracking for shift-based work arrangements.

Employee Health Insurance

This feature allows the storage of Employee Health Insurance details and provides alerts for policies nearing expiration. It ensures that employees have access to healthcare benefits and that policies are regularly reviewed and renewed.

Job Applicant

Job Applicant management involves maintaining a list of individuals who have applied for job openings within the organization. HR ERP software is a crucial step in the recruitment process, allowing HR departments to efficiently manage potential candidates.

Shift Management

Efficient shift management is crucial for organizations with variable work hours. The system allows for the effective assignment and management of shifts for employees, ensuring that work schedules are well-organized and employees are allocated the right working hours.

Travel Requests

Employees can request funds for official travel using Travel Request. To create a new Travel Request.

Employee Loans Management

Employee loans can be managed in the system from approval to receiving back.

Upload Attendance

This tool helps to upload bulk attendance from a csv file.

Leave management

System allows complete command to manage the all types of leaves.

Employee Advances

Advance amount can be issued to the employee through the system, if the employee is going for official work and needs money in HR ERP module .

Fleet Management

Fleet Management section of Human Resources helps the Organization to manage their fleet of vehicles and track their expenses.

Employee Check-ins

Employees can check-in and check-out .Most organizations use this for attendance, shift management, and working hours calculations.

End of Service Benefits

End of service benefits can be calculated by the system under the defined parameters.

Vehicle & Logs

Vehicle Log can be used to enter Odometer readings, Fuel Expenses and Service Expense details.


System can run the complete recruitment process, including job opening, interviews, onboarding etc.

Training Feedbacks

Once the Training is complete, employees can share their feedback via Training Feedback.

Staffing Plan

System allows to do staff planning at a company level helping to efficiently plan and budget new hirings for a period.

Job Openings

Job openings can be created in the system to fulfill the open vacancies.

Employee Performance & Appraisals

Employee Appraisals can be managed by creating an Appraisal Template for each role with the parameters that define the performance by giving appropriate weightage to each parameter.

Job Offers

Job can be created through the system including the offered salary package, designation, grade, department, number of days entitled for leave among other information.

Appointment Letters

Appointment letter can be issued through the system.


All of the reports listed below are included in the Accounting module. Besides that, reports can be customized in order to meet the requirements.


Monthly Attendance Sheet


Recruitment Analytics Report


Employee Analytics Report


Employee Advance Summary Report


Employee Leave Balance Report


Employee Loan Report


Employee Exits Report


Employee Leave Balance Summary Report


Employee Information Report


Employee Birthday Report


Daily Work Summary Replies Report


Employees Working on a Holiday Report