Efficiently Monitor Project Progress with Task Tracking in the ERP System.


Implement Smart Task Management for Assigning Specific Tasks, Prioritizing, and Setting Timelines.


Enhance project management with Kanban Boards, Gantt Charts, and Tree Structures.


Streamline Project Procurement and Track Site Stocks on a Project Basis.


Automatically Calculate Project-Specific Profitability for Precise Insights.

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Task assignments

Assigning and tracking tasks seamlessly within the system is a vital component of Project Management ERP Software. This feature ensures that responsibilities are clear and that tasks progress in an organized manner, contributing to project success and timeliness.

Projects based PNL

Gain valuable insights into project-based profit and loss calculations. By assessing the financial performance of individual projects, businesses can make informed decisions and optimize resource allocation, ultimately enhancing profitability.

Task Management

Effective task management is critical for project success. The system allows users to create, monitor, and assign tasks to project team members, ensuring that everyone is aligned with project objectives and deadlines.

Project Costing

Accurate cost calculation is paramount in project management. ERP in project management facilitates precise cost calculations based on various parameters, helping businesses manage their budgets effectively and make data-driven financial decisions.

To do lists

Categorizing projects based on specific classifications is a helpful feature. It allows for systematic project organization and prioritization, ensuring that each project receives the necessary attention and resources.

Project Types

Project management ERP Monitor project progress using various metrics is a key element in project management. By defining and tracking project types, businesses can assess the success of different project categories, identify areas for improvement, and make strategic decisions.

Project progress Tracking

Effective project management erp systems progress tracking is essential. By monitoring project progress using various metrics, businesses can ensure that projects stay on track, make timely adjustments, and deliver successful outcomes.

Progress based invoicing

Automatically generating partial invoices as projects advance streamlines financial transactions. This feature ensures that revenue aligns with project milestones and progress, making the invoicing process more accurate and efficient.

Projects wise inventory

Tracking inventory for each project or site is a valuable asset. ERP implementation projects ensure that the necessary materials and resources are available, preventing delays and cost overruns in project execution.

Project Templates

Utilizing templates for similar ERP projects is a time-saving strategy. It streamlines task creation, ensuring consistency and efficiency across projects and reducing the time and effort required to set up new projects.


Recording employee hours for task completion, billing, and salary calculation is critical for both financial and resource management. This feature provides transparency in resource allocation and aids in accurate payroll calculations.


All Of The Reports Listed Below Are Included In The Accounting Module. Besides That, Reports Can Be Customized In Order To Meet The Requirements.


Tasks Report


Projects Detailed Report


Daily Timesheet Summary


Project wise Stock Tracking


Project Billing Summary


Delayed Tasks Summary


Projects Progress Report


Project wise Profitability Report