Track the projects progress based upon tasks in the system.


Smart Task management to assign tasks to specific persons, along with the task’s priorities and timelines.


Kanban boards, Gantt charts, Tree structures for efficient project management


Project wise procurement, project site stocks tracking.


Project wise automatic profitability calculation.

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    Task assignments

    Tasks can be assigned to the concerned people and can be tracked through the system.

    Projects based PNL

    System can generate project-based profit and loss as everything is linked with with project as well.

    Task Management

    Tasks can be created, tracked for each project and can be assigned to the concerned persons.

    Project Costing

    System can calculate the project costing based on different parameters.

    To do lists

    System can generate TO DO list for each user to organize the tasks and other things.

    Project Types

    Projects can be categorized into multiple types depending upon their classifications

    Project progress Tracking

    Project progress can be tracked by different parameters.

    Progress based invoicing

    System can generate progress based partial invoicing for the projects.

    Projects wise inventory

    Inventory for each project or site can be tracked by the system.

    Project Templates

    Project templates can be pulled for similar kind of Projects and the tasks therein get auto populated at the time of creation of each new project.


    Timesheet in the system can record of the number of hours spent by an employee on completion of each task. It can be used to bill the supplier, calculate salaries etc.


    All of the reports listed below are included in the Accounting module. Besides that, reports can be customized in order to meet the requirements.


    Tasks Report


    Projects Detailed Report


    Daily Timesheet Summary


    Project wise Stock Tracking


    Project Billing Summary


    Delayed Tasks Summary


    Projects Progress Report


    Project wise Profitability Report