Always Keep Track of Leads. Take Notes and Schedule Next Contact Dates and Times to Always Reach Leads Promptly.


Provide Extra Attention to Promising Leads with the Ability to Convert Them. .


Best CRM Software in Dubai Efficiently Manage Multiple Contacts and Addresses for Each Lead, Opportunity, and Customer.


Boost Sales Through Newsletters, Email, and SMS Campaigns: Enhance Engagement and Drive Conversions.


Seamlessly Handle Appointments and Contracts within the System for Streamlined Operations.

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Contacts Management

Comprehensive relationship of ERPand CRM integration management is simplified with the ability to connect unlimited contacts to leads, opportunities, or customers. This feature provides a holistic view of interactions and communications, enhancing customer relationship management and fostering better collaboration.

Address Management

Efficiently managing multiple addresses for each lead, opportunity, or customer offers both flexibility and precision. This capability ensures that accurate and up-to-date location information is available, which is invaluable for smooth operations and personalized customer interactions.


The system allows businesses to convert interested leads into opportunities. This conversion process streamlines sales potential by categorizing potential deals and ensuring that they are pursued and managed effectively.


Generating prospect reports is a valuable tool for enhanced sales efficiency. These reports offer insights into potential customers and market trends, aiding in the formulation of targeted sales strategies and ensuring that resources are allocated effectively.

Email Campaigns

The ability to execute targeted email campaigns to leads or contacts according to scheduled plans is a powerful marketing and communication tool. ERP CRM system ensures that relevant information reaches the right audience at the right time, improving engagement and nurturing relationships.


Automated appointment scheduling ensures that important meetings and engagements are never missed. This feature keeps schedules organized and productive, contributing to efficient time management and reducing the risk of overlooked commitments.


Sending periodic newsletters to specific subscribers is a valuable communication tool for various stakeholders, including employees, investors, and more. Newsletters help convey important updates, news, and insights, fostering engagement and maintaining open lines of communication.


The system facilitates the tracking of potential customers (leads) by storing detailed biodata. CRM Integration in Dubai ensures that valuable information is available for effective lead nurturing and conversion. It streamlines the lead management process, enhancing the sales pipeline and customer acquisition.


All Of The Reports Listed Below Are Included In CRM Software dubai Module. Besides That, Reports Can Be Customized In Order To Meet The Requirements.


Lead Details Report


Sales Pipeline Analytics Report


Opportunity Summary by Sales Stage Report


Sales Funnel


Inactive Customers Report


Prospects Engaged But Not Converted Report


Campaign Efficiency Report


Lead Owner Efficiency Report


First Response Time for Opportunity Report