Do not ever lose the leads data and discussions. Write notes and set next contact dates and times to always reach the lead on time.


Mature leads can be converted to opportunities to provide more attention as potential leads .


Multiple contacts and address management for each lead, opportunity and customer.


Enhance the sales by Newsletters, Email & SMS Campaigns.


Manage the appointments, contracts, in the system.

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    Contacts Management

    One lead, opportunity or customer might have more than one contact. Unlimited contacts can be connected with specific doctype.

    Address Management

    One lead, opportunity or customer might have more than one addresses. Unlimited addresses can be connected with specific doctype.


    If a lead is interested, can be converted into opportunity. Multiple Opportunities can be collected against a lead or a customer.


    System can generate prospects report to make the sales more efficient.

    Email Campaigns

    An Email Campaign can be sent to the leads or contacts according to a particular schedules


    Appointments can be scheduled by the system not to miss anything


    Newsletter can be sent to a specific group of subscribers periodically. Newsletter can also be used to share information to employees, investors etc.


    A lead is a potential customer who might be interested in your products. Leads biodata will be saved in the system.


    All of the reports listed below are included in the Accounting module. Besides that, reports can be customized in order to meet the requirements.


    Lead Details Report


    Sales Pipeline Analytics Report


    Opportunity Summary by Sales Stage Report


    Sales Funnel


    Inactive Customers Report


    Prospects Engaged But Not Converted Report


    Campaign Efficiency Report


    Lead Owner Efficiency Report


    First Response Time for Opportunity Report