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Best Manufacturing ERP Software in UAE

Discover the complete solution for enhancing productivity in the manufacturing industry. Our specialized features, including inventory management, order management, and sales and purchase order tracking, ensure your business thrives. With the best manufacturing ERP software in UAE, you’ll experience unparalleled efficiency and control in your operations.

Reduce Wastage, Increase ROI.

Streamline your manufacturing process and revolutionize your supply chain management with UAE’s top ERP system. We employ the best business management techniques to help you minimize wastage and maximize your return on investment. Planning and monitoring production have never been easier, thanks to Resource Factors.

Strategic Business Advancements with Resource Factors

At Resource Factors, we are your strategic partners in driving business advancements and success. Our robust system is designed to enhance profitability and establish market domination while efficiently trimming overheads. We achieve this by providing you with accurate inventory status reports and promoting operational excellence.

Unlocking Insights for Informed Decision Making

We empower you with valuable insights that form the cornerstone of your decision-making process. These insights are the keys to making informed and wise choices that lead to significant enhancements in your business operations and overall growth.

Optimization Of The Production Process

Optimizing your production process is crucial in the fast-paced manufacturing industry. With our ERP software, you can streamline operations and boost profitability. Resource Factors offers real-time insights at every phase of the production process, ensuring that you achieve the best possible results. From production planning that aligns with your business objectives to effective project management, our system has got you covered.
Multi-Level Bill of Materials

Define a comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM) that includes the complete recipe of finished goods.


manufacturing process in ERP Store essential information about the locations where workstation operations are conducted.

Quality Inspections

Implement complete quality inspections at various stages, including receiving, dispatching, and throughout the manufacturing process.

Material Consumptions

Automate the tracking of material consumption during the entire manufacturing process.


Easily manage sub-contracted items during the manufacturing process.

Scrap Management

Effectively manage scrap, either as waste or as new inventory items.


Store all operations, including descriptions, hourly rates, operation times, and batch sizes, to streamline manufacturing processes.

Work Orders

Utilize Work Orders as documents that signal the manufacturing shop floor to produce specific quantities of designated items. Manufacturing ERP also generate material requirements.


Record the number of hours employees spend on each task, aiding in billable calculations, salary tracking, and project or task contributions.

Production Plans

Implement Production Plans to facilitate production and material planning for items planned for manufacturing, whether for customers or internal use.

Job Cards

Job Cards store actual production information for specific operations performed on workstations. These are created from Work Orders and guide production on the manufacturing floor.


Analyze production processes to gain valuable insights.

Production Analytics

Analysis for the production processes.

Item / Raw Materials Alternatives

Configure alternative items if needed.

Capacity Planning

Make informed decisions regarding new orders based on available resources and existing work orders.


All Of The Reports Listed Below Are Included In Manufacturing ERP Software in Dubai UAE. Besides That, Reports Can Be Customized In Order To Meet The Requirements.


Production Planning Report


Work Order Summary


Quality Inspection Summary


Downtime Analysis Report


Job Card Summary


BOM Search Report


Work Order Consumed Materials Report


BOM Stock Report


Production Analytics


BOM Operations Time Report

Transparent Cost Management

One of the significant advantages of our ERP software is the transparent cost management it provides. You can access a comprehensive overview of the total cost associated with a specific job or get insights into your daily bank position.
Monthly cost comparison reports break down your expenses, including direct materials, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead allocated to each job. This level of detail empowers you to make informed financial decisions and refine your operations for better cost control.

Let's Boost Your Business With Resource Factors

Experience profit increase and market domination with our robust system. By reducing overheads, providing accurate inventory status reports, and promoting operational excellence, we empower you with valuable insights for swift decision-making, enabling wise choices to enhance your business.

Key Features


Easily manage production based on standard formulas


Efficiently handle material issues and store requisitions.


Enter finished goods production with complete cost calculations.


Calculate material consumption accurately.


Monitor work-in-progress seamlessly.


Manage production based on orders.


Allocate labor costs accurately to each production batch.


Automate overhead and indirect expense distribution.


Gain deep insights with a detailed supplier age analysis.


Customize and consolidate reports in various formats for in-depth analysis.


Handle all aspects of order processing, including local purchase orders, open LPOs, and purchase confirmations.