Manufacturing Module

Bill of Materials (BOM) is at the heart of the Manufacturing system and the most important document that will help to create other document types like Work Orders and Job Cards. Our ERP supports multi-level BOM.

A Workstation stores information regarding the place where the workstation operations are carried out.

An Operation refers to any manufacturing operation (various processes) performed on the raw materials to process it further in the manufacturing path. For example, Drilling, Mixing, Coating, Cutting, Fitting etc.

A Routing stores all Operations along with the description, hourly rate, operation time, batch size, etc. Creating a Routing for your BOM Operations is useful when similar Operations are used for manufacturing different items.

A Work Order is a document given to the manufacturing shop floor by the Production Planner as a signal to manufacture a certain quantity of a certain Item.The Work Order also helps generate the material requirements (Stock Entry) for the Item to be produced from its Bill of Materials.

A Production Plan helps in production and material planning for the Items planned for manufacturing. These production items can be committed via Sales Order (to Customers) or Material Requests (internally).

A Timesheet is the record of the number of hours spent by an employee on completion of each task.

The Timesheet can also be used to calculate the billable towards an employee, to calculate their salaries, or to track an employee’s contribution towards a Project or a Task.

A Job Card stores actual production information about a particular Operation performed on a particular Workstation.

A Job Card is created from the Work Order and given to each of the Workstations in the manufacturing floor to start the production of an item with a certain quantity in each of the operations defined in the Work Order.

Capacity planning is the process in which an organization decides whether or not to accept the new orders based on the resources and existing work orders.

Automated material consumption tracking during the whole manufacturing process.

Analysis for the production processes

Complete quality inspection at receiving, dispatching and during the manufacturing process.

Sub-contract items during  the manufacturing process.

Allowing the alternative items can be configured in the system if there are possible alternates.

Manage the scrap as a waste or a new inventory items as well.

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