Information Technology

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Everyone feels comfortable in clothes that fit. But if your sleeves are a tad long or your shoes a touch too tight, it can ruin your whole outfit. Think of your I.T setup in the same way – is it really the right fit for your business or could some minor alterations really turn heads? Resource Factors takes great pride in it’s ability to provide IT consultancy professionals that will help you get the highest return on investment (ROI) from your IT budget. Our consultants can provide assistance with the setup of the following:

  • IT Audit and health check
  • Information security consultancy
  • Internet connections and networks, as well as network security
  • Backups and data recovery solutions
  • Website development consultancy and content management system (CMS) selection
  • Business continuity strategy
  • Database management;
  • Remote connectivity over VPN
  • IT Training for staff

IT Infrastructure

Resource Factors helps companies to build an IT infrastructure that is fully aligned with their business needs. Whether you require designing the system from scratch, enhancing the security of existing system or adding new facilities, our team is ready to assist. We offer flexible IT infrastructure solutions that include server setup, internet connection, local data exchange network setup, telephone system deployment, routers and other hardware installation. The purpose of IT solutions we offer is the following:

  • Maintaining the data processing and exchange in your system
  • Providing full workability and efficiency of the network
  • Developing the IT infrastructure according to the growing business needs
  • Providing proper security and fault tolerance for the data flow
  • Server Solutions
  • Network Solutions
  • Data storage solutions

Our team includes some of the best experts in the field of IT Infrastructure. Before getting started with strategy development, your IT consultant will listen to your preferences and ask questions to suggest the best possible course of action. Give us a call today to learn more about the options and start the establishment of a solid, functional IT network.

Software Development

The need of Custom Software Development is ideally essential as new improved markets are being born every day having unique functionality. Large companies use custom software for fragile, critical and complex functions such as content management, inventory management, customer management and human resource management. It helps them manage their company exactly the way they desire it to.

At Resource Factors, we design software step by step along its processing. This helps us overcome all obstacles, errors, deficiencies and malfunctioning at their stage level. We have comprehensive set of open source and propriety technologies so our execution becomes easy even for most complex and challenging tasks.

To provide our clients with cost friendly and effective software, the task is divided into professional teams that creates a balance, saves time and gives best results. Our developers, software architects, analysts, coordinators and project managers take advantage of our knowledge management system and continuous process improvements.

We manage the project using the best technologies at the hands of best professionals from around the world. The use of innovative, creative and advance methodologies in this area of development creates software that benefits our clients to great extents.

Network Design

Security is one of the first things that come to mind when speaking of networking solutions. Not only your data should be thoroughly protected from the external threats, but also secured against the risk of loss at any stage. The network hardware must be configured with security considerations as a top priority, and the access to it must be restricted to knowledgeable and trusted experts.

For complex operations, especially those involving sensitive data, it is best to turn to our experienced and highly specialized professionals. We gladly provide quality support and maintenance of all types of network equipment, whether installed by our company or by a previous provider.

Modernization and enhancement of an existing network is another popular service. The rates of both business growth and technological innovations are more dynamic nowadays than ever, and new technical solutions appear every day, rendering previous ones obsolete. Even if you are considering the very first network solution for your company, you might want to plan ahead for modernization possibilities.

We provide following Networking services:

  • Network design and configuration
  • Network installation, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Network security services
  • Network modernization and improvement
  • Hardware consultation and sales
  • Structure Cabling
  • Server Room Setup
  • Office migration

Web Designing

The scope of service, price and quality are our main drivers when considering value propositions for our website design and website maintenance clients. We know that your logo, corporate identity and branding are your key differentiators when customers search for service providers or products online. In the ever increasing competitive online market you’re required to stay front and center of your customers’ mind. A great logo, website and corporate brand can place you head and shoulders above your competitors.

We offer transparent pricing packages for website design and maintenance packages. Our services include securing your domain name, setting up your email address accounts and designing your website and provide basic search engine optimisation (SEO). We also provide ongoing website support and maintenance at very reasonable prices.

We cater for new businesses looking to establish a web presence on a budget, through to online website solutions for medium to large companies that want to convert web browsers as new customers.

Customized Integration

Application integration involves a collection of technologies and services creating a middleware to enable integration of systems and applications across the enterprise. It links all the applications of the organization to perform simplified task within seconds that would otherwise have taken an inconvenient amount of time, thus becoming a time efficient application.

Resource Factors thus provides an extensive range of integrated services to enable customers with a cost-friendly and time efficient processing of all organizational tasks. It accelerates business processes, eliminates inefficient routine operations and verifies data validity. It also keeps a track on consistency of data in warehouses, applications and geographical locations.

Our team can also integrate your existing accounting system software with other popular applications like Point of sale solutions, Property management system, material management system and other applications. Our trained IT staff can provide live training and help desk services for troubleshooting if operational questions arise about your accounting system.

We provide the following system services:

  • Accounting Software Selection and Implementation
  • POS system implementation and training
  • Data Entry and Conversion Services
  • Integration with Third-Party Applications like Payroll, Time Management, Billing etc.
  • Training on usage of various Accounting Systems