HR Module

Completely digital files or each employee.

You can employ people under a number of categories each having their own wage and leave entitlements. This is called an Employment Type.

A Branch office is an outlet of a company located at a different location, other than the main office.

System allows you to create and keep a record of the different branches of your organization.

A Department is a specialized functional area or a division within an organization.

You can configure the Departments in your organization, set Leave Block List, and also Leave and Expense Approvers for the same.

Designations are the official job titles given to employees.

With reference to company management, there are various stakeholders like directors, officers, managers and shareholders who guide a company towards the fulfillment of its business objectives.

An Employee Grade is a grouping of the employees with similar positions or values in order to assign compensation rates and salary structures.

System allows you to configure Employee Grades, helping you to easily categorize employees based on seniority or any other criteria.

Employee Health Insurance is a benefit extended by the company to their employees. When a company provides health insurance assistance, they pay full or part premiums for the health insurance policy.

System allows you to save the Employee Health Insurance detail and link it to that particular Employee’s master.

Attendance is a record stating whether an Employee has been present on a particular day or not.

In the system, you can mark and record attendance of an Employee on a daily basis using the Attendance doctype.

Employee Attendance Tool allows you to mark attendance of multiple employees for a particular date.

Using the Attendance Request, employees can submit their attendance request for the days when their attendance wasn’t marked due to various reasons such as on-site duty or work from home.

This tool helps you to upload bulk attendance from a csv file.

Employee Checkin is used to keep a log of all the check-ins and check-outs of an employee in the organization. Most organizations use this for attendance, shift management, and working hours calculations.

Auto attendance marks the attendance for employees assigned to a shift based on the records in the Employee Checkin document and the Auto Attendance Settings of that shift.

The Shift Management module in system HR helps you efficiently manage shifts for your employees.

System allows complete command to manage the all types of leaves.

Leave Encashment refers to an amount of money received in exchange for Leaves not availed by an Employee. You can submit Leave Encashment for Leave Types which are encashable.

A performance appraisal is a method by which the job performance of an employee is documented and evaluated.

In the system, you can manage Employee Appraisals by creating an Appraisal Template for each role with the parameters that define the performance by giving appropriate weightage to each parameter.

Employees can request funds for official travel using Travel Request. To create a new Travel Request.

Sometimes employees go outside for company’s work and company pays some amount for their expenses in advance. This is when the employee can create an Employee Advance form where details such as the Purpose of Expense and Expense Amount can be recorded.

Gratuity is given by the employer to his/her employee for the services rendered by him/her during the period of employment. It is usually paid at the time of retirement but can be paid earlier, provided certain conditions are met.

Employee loans can be managed in the system from approval to receiving back.

Fleet Management section of Human Resources helps your Organization manage their fleet of vehicles and track their expenses.

Vehicle Log is used to enter Odometer readings, Fuel Expenses and Service Expense details.

System can run the complete recruitment process.

Internal Recruitment is one of the best processes for recruitment, and it also saves effort and capital. The Employee Referral is a process where existing employees refer a suitable candidate from their network for a vacant designation/position.

Staffing Plan helps you to plan manpower requirements for your Company.

System allows you to do this at a company level helping you efficiently plan and budget new hirings for a period. Job Openings can only be created as per the number of vacancies and budget as per the active Staffing Plan.

A Job Opening is a job vacancy in your Company. You can make a record of the open vacancies in your company using Job Opening.

System allows to plan recruitments for your company. The number of Job Openings you can create for a Designation is restricted according to the vacancies planned by the Staffing Plan defined for the company or one of its parent group companies in the hierarchy.

A Job Applicant is a person who applies for a job in your Company against a particular Job Opening.

In the system, you can maintain a list of people who have applied against a particular Job Opening.

Job Offer is given to selected candidates after interview and selection which states the offered salary package, designation, grade, department, number of days entitled for leave among other information.

In the system, you can make a record of the Job Offers that you can give to candidates.

The letter written by the employer requesting the selected candidates to join in a specific position.

In the system, you can create an Appointment Letter that you can give to candidates.

Training Program defines programs designed for training employees or other individuals in specific skills.

Training Event allows you to schedule seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. under a Training Program.

After completion of the training event, employee-wise training results can be stored based on the evaluation done by the trainer.

Once the Training is complete, employees can share their feedback via Training Feedback.

In the process of hiring an Employee, there are set of standard activities which need to be executed. This feature helps you to maintain the masters of these activities, and create a set of tasks at the time of each Employee hiring.

Promotion or career advancement is a process through which an Employee of a company is given a higher share of duties, a higher pay-scale or both.

In the system, you can manage Employee Promotion and its various associated activities using this document.

Employee Separation is a situation when the service agreement of an Employee with his/her organization comes to an end and the Employee leaves the organization.

Employee Separation is created for an Employee who has resigned or terminated from the organization.

Employee Transfer is a form of internal mobility, in which the Employee is shifted from one job to another usually at a different location, department, or unit. 

In the system, you can record Employee transfers to different Company or Department by using the Employee Transfer document.

Employee Skill Map is a record which helps your organization track your Employee’s skill sets and trainings. It can be used to rate each skill of the Employee and track their growth after each internal training. This data can be used at the time of appraisals.

Customizable advance reporting.

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