CRM Module

A lead is a potential customer who might be interested in your products or services.

To get the customer through the door, you may be doing all or any of the following:

  • Listing your product on directories.
  • Maintaining an updated and searchable website.
  • Meeting people at trade events.
  • Advertising your products or services.

Opportunity is a qualified lead.

When you get a hint that lead is looking for a product/service that you offer, you can convert that lead into an opportunity. You can also create an opportunity against an existing customer. Multiple Opportunities can be collected against a lead or a customer.

Appointments can be scheduled by the system not to miss anything

One lead, opportunity or customer might have more than one contact. Unlimited contacts can be connected with specific doctype.

One lead, opportunity or customer might have more than one addresses. Unlimited addresses can be connected with specific doctype.

An Email Campaign is a coordinated set of emails sent to leads or contacts according to a particular schedule.

Email Campaigns are still one of the most effective ways to reach your Customers, Contacts or Leads and keep them engaged. For example, you could set up Email Campaigns for introducing your product to the customers, with every email revealing an interesting feature of your product.

Newsletter is an email which is sent to a specific group of subscribers periodically.

In the context of CRM, its is an informational and product-focused email that is sent to existing and potential customers with an intention of softly pushing the subscriber to do required actions.

Newsletter can also be used to share information to employees, investors etc.

System can generate prospects report to make the sales more efficient.

Customizable advanced reporting

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